Creators of PHARMiQUEST

About PharmArchitecture

Pharma & biotech consultancy uniquely positioned to deliver intelligence, insights and strategy. Combining clinical, economic, marketing and IT expertise to manage research challenges.

At PharmArchitecture we create, analyse and manage, designing and implementing pharmaceutical research solutions.

We are flexible and responsive, with a personal approach and passionate about new challenges.

We are highly technical, but what we create is art. State-of-the-art.

Pharma & biotech research solutions: design and implementation.

We specialise in complexity, applying proven solutions and inventing new ones. We created PHARMiQUEST, a pioneer pharma "nichesourcing" platform, effectively tapping into expertise of the sector, while strengthening our in-house competencies.

Complexity requires simple solutions. Simple and robust like a bridge; fast and dependable like a fibre optic network; functional like a spreadsheet. We transform complexity into elegant and intuitive simplicity.

We speak the language of medicine, economics, marketing, management and IT. We understand the mindset of academia, clinicians, government, industry, insurers and patients.

By combining analytical results with verbal communication we tailor your message to meet the highest academic standards and to respond to your stakeholders' needs.

Quality is always our top priority, but we also understand the 80/20 rule and know that often less is more. We also do the routine, mundane, meticulous work and QC.

In summary, here is what we offer:

  • Health related intelligence and multidisciplinary academic accumen
  • Understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory requirements
  • Tools and strategies for pharmaceutical research and marketing
  • Project management
  • Strategic insights
  • The extra mile